Asst. Prof. Cem DEMİREL
08 Eylül 2023

Asst. Prof. Cem DEMİREL


Department of Neurosurgery.

Education: 1999, Ondokuz Mayıs University Faculty of Medicine, 2013, Ondokuz Mayıs University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery.

Research Areas: He is interested in microsurgical treatment approaches and noninvasive interventional procedures for the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. He completed the basic neurosurgery courses of the Turkish Neurosurgery Association, of which he is a member, and attended many courses in the field of spinal and peripheral nerve surgery. Treatment methods for the prevention of vasospasm after subarachnoid hemorrhage, treatment approaches for the prevention of spinal epidural fibrosis, and spinal algological interventional procedures are his special research areas.

Selected Studies: He wrote the thesis on topical leptin application for the prevention of vasospasm after subbracanoid hemorrhage. With this project, he received the papers of the year award at the 27th National Scientific Congress of the Turkish Neurosurgery Association. He has 3 original articles published in international journals and 3 original articles published in national journals, and 15 papers published in international and national meetings. Some of these studies are:

The histopathological and steorological assesment of the effect of topically administered leptin on cerebral vasospasm in an experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage model.  Turk. J. Med. Sci. (2017).

Analyzing the blood-stemming effect of Ankaferd Blood Stopper in medulla spinalis surgery. Turk. J. Med. Sci. (2020).

The Preventive Effect of Curcumin on the Experimental Rat Epidural Fibrosis Model. World. Neurosurg. (2021).

Retrospective clinical evaluation of patients undergoing surgery for acute epidural hematoma. J. Exp. Clin. Med. (2021).

Office: Samsun Health Application and Research Center, İlkadım, SAMSUN.