Assoc. Prof. Özlem SEZER
09 Kasım 2023

Assoc. Prof. Özlem SEZER

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Department of Medical Genetics

Education: Ondokuz Mayıs University Faculty of Medicine (1994-2000), Ankara Private Halk Polyclinic (2000-2001), Ankara Başkent University/Brain Surgery- Assistant Doctor (2001), Ondokuz Mayıs University Faculty of Medicine/ Internal Medical Sciences, Medical Genetics Department- Assistant Doctor (2002-2009), Samsun Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital (2009-20013), Baylor Hopkins Center for Mendelian Genetics, BCM Baylor College of Medicine (2013), Samsun Training and Research Hospital (2013-2023), Samsun University Faculty of Medicine / Internal Medicine, Medical Genetics Department - Associate Professor (2023).

Research Areas: Children with mental and physical special needs and their families, couples with reproductive problems, recurrent pregnancy losses, infertility, couples with in vitro fertilization failures, hematologic and oncologic cancers, familial cancer cases such as breast ovarian and colon cancer, rheumatologic and autoinflammatory diseases such as FMF, ankylosing spondylitis, behçet, Individuals with a previously diagnosed genetic disease in the family, muscle and nerve diseases, cases with young stroke and cardiological problems, cases with coagulation disorders with a history of recurrent deep vein thrombosis and embolism, pregnant women, especially pregnant women with anomalies detected in fetal ultrasonography and pregnant women with high risk detected in screening tests. Current study and research topics include COVID-19, infertility, microbiota, familial and somatic cancers, dysmorphism, syndromes, rheumatologic and metabolic diseases.