Assoc. Prof. Bilge Piri ÇİNAR
08 Eylül 2023

Assoc. Prof. Bilge Piri ÇİNAR


Department of Neurology

Resume: She was born in Giresun on April 28, 1981 and completed his primary and secondary education in Giresun. Bilge Piri Çinar, who attended Ordu Science High School as a boarding student, won the Ege University Faculty of Medicine in the university exam and graduated in 2006. She completed her compulsory service as a general practitioner for 5 months in Giresun Dereli Health Center. She completed her residency at Dokuz Eylül University Department of Neurology in 2013, where she passed the medical specialty exam. Bilge Piri Çinar, who completed 2 years of compulsory service as a Neurology specialist at Giresun State Hospital, then worked at Samsun Training and Research Hospital for 2 years. Between 2017-2022, she worked at Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University Faculty of Medicine Hospital, Department of Neurology, and since November 2022, she has been continuing her academic studies on Multiple Sclerosis and related diseases at Samsun University.

Research Areas: Natural history of Multiple Sclerosis, effects of disease modifying therapies, Multiple Sclerosis and frequency of cognitive impairment, cognitive tests and batteries used in Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke epidemiology, etiopathogenesis of Parkinson's disease, studies on immunology of Multiple Sclerosis and central nervous system autoimmune diseases.

Selected Studies: Evaluation of Clinical Parameters During and After Treatment of Attack in Patients with Clinically Isolated Syndrome: Comparison of the Results with that of Multiple Sclerosis (2013), Patients Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test: National Normative Data (2016), Cognitive Dysfunction in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis Treated With First-Line Disease-Modifying Therapy (2017), Intrathecal Igm Index Correlates with a Severe Disease Course in Multiple Sclerosis: Clinical And MRI Results (2017), Monthly Pulse Methylprednisolone Therapy is Effective in Preventing Permanent Disease Progression in Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (2019), Monthly Methylprednisolone in Combination with Interferon Beta or Glatiramer Acetate for Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis: A Multicentre Single-Blind, Prospective Trial (2017), The Turkish Validation Of The Brief International Cognitive Assessment For Multiple Sclerosis (BICAMS) Battery (2017), The efficacy of rituximab in patients with neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder: A real-world study from Turkey (2021), Helicobacter Pylori Infection is An Avoidable Risk Factor for Parkinson's Disease (2019), The 20-Year History: Change Of Multiple Sclerosis Patient Profile Over 20 Years (2019), Five-year real-world data on fingolimod treatment's effects on cognitive function (2021), A Comprehensive Assessment of Patient Experience and Disease-Related Awareness in Multiple Sclerosis: A Questionnaire-Based Nation-Wide Survey in Turkey (2021), The relationship between alexithymia, reading the mind in the eyes and cognition in patients with multiple sclerosis (2022), Self-injectable DMTs in relapsing MS: NEDA assessment at 10 years in a real-world cohort (2022), Assessment of the relation between the neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio and severity of ischemic stroke in a large cohort (2021), Relationship between Physical Disability and Black Holes in Multiple Sclerosis: Upper Extremity Functions - an Important Parameter (2021).

Office: Samsun Health Application and Research Center (Samsun Training and Research Hospital)