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23 Mart 2022

 Samsun Education And Research Hospital

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Adress: Samsun Education And Research Hospital

Kadıköy Mahallesi, Barış Bulvarı No:199
55090 İlkadım / Samsun

Samsun Education And Research Hospital located in Samsun, the biggest city of Turkey’s Blacksea region is the pinnacle of health services in the region with an expert doctor team, multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment approaches, innovative medical technologies, patient-oriented services, advanced diagnostic procedures and treatment methods. Our hospital is a public institution operates under the control and regulations of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health. It is a member of an exclusive hospital chain where an advanced postgraduate medical training offered. In recent years having leading health professionals in the region, our hospital attracts international patients who seek expertise and advanced health services with affordable prices compared to private institutions.Our hospital has a rightful reputation with rare advanced medical approaches and surgical techniques which are very difficult to access or rather too expensive. Our medical professionals offer a wide variety of health services with more than fifty departments which excell in their own fields with exceptional skills and expertise.


Here are some of our depertmant which our international
patients favour most

    International Patient Unit
  1. Department Of Surgery
  2. Department Of Neurosurgery
  3. Department Of Orthopedics And Traumatology
  4. Department Of Otorhınolaryngology (Ear, Nose, Throat Diseases)
  5. Department Of Neurology
  6. Department Of Cardiology (Heart Diseases)
  7. Deparment Of Urology (Urinary Diseases)
  8. Department Of Ophtalmology (Eye Diseases)
  9. Department Of Genetics
  10. Department Of Cardiovascular Surgery
  11. Department Of Dermatology
  12. Department Of Anesthesia and Reanimation